Engaging with Our Families and Wider Community




Parental Involvement


We work in partnership with our parents to achieve the very best for all our children.  We do this by:


  • Encouraging prospective parents to look around the school and to attend our open day in the Autumn term


  • Welcoming parents’ visits to school

  • Hosting parents’ consultation and transition evenings each year

  • Providing homework tasks

  • Giving parents the opportunity to look at children’s work once a term

  • Providing annual written reports on children’s progress and interim summary reports

  • Providing regular newsletters

  • Sharing activities on our website, (olqoprcprimary.org.uk,) Twitter account, (@Olqop.Primary) and facebook page (Olqop Primary)
  • Welcoming parental help in the classroom, on visits, with extra curricular activities and for school productions


  • Supporting a thriving parents’ association  - The Friends of OLQoP

  • Sharing our procedures and policies on our website or upon request

  • Inviting parents to attend whole school acts of worship

  • Asking all parents to sign our home-school agreement

  • Hosting a Mothers’ Prayers group in the chapel



Working with Our Parish


We recognise that school is an integral part of the Parish of St John XXIII, Washington and Penshaw and we work for the common good by:


  • welcoming Fr Mark, our Parish Priest, as a member of our school community

  • creating opportunities for all governors to be welcomed into school

  • encouraging the parish to use the facilities of the school

  • sharing resources

  • ensuring school is represented at Parish Council meetings

  • hosting visits from Diocesan representatives

  • sharing liturgies and Masses in school and church

  • hosting liturgical activities, eg May Procession

  • ensuring the children take part in Diocesan events, eg Faith 13, retreats at Youth Village



Integrating with Our Wider Community


We celebrate being part of our local, national and international community and we:


  • ensure we are a visible presence in community events and activities, eg Remembrance Day Service

  • make extensive use of local facilities, eg Herrington Country Park, Library, Bike-It facilities

  • Invite local representatives to witness the work of the school, eg Bridget Phillipson MP, local councillors

  • Visit other community providers, eg Gilwood Court Residential Home

  • Share our talents with the wider community, eg City Sings events

  • Have a strong commitment to support the vulnerable locally, eg Lenterprise activities for St


Cuthbert’s Care


  • Create opportunities for the children to visit other communities, eg Derwent Hill residential, engagement with other schools

  • Increase awareness of national and international news, events and history through a broad and balanced curriculum

  • Have links with international communities by eg, corresponding to Universal Concern in Imbagé, Columbia

  • Learn to speak Spanish

  • Support the work of international charities, eg CAFOD, Send a Child to School

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