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Curriculum Policy


Our Lady Queen of Peace is a Roman Catholic School and as such, the ethos of the school is based upon the belief that God is at the centre of our lives. 


All that takes place in the school therefore, is a reflection of God’s loving care for each individual and each member of the school community has a responsibility to contribute to that ethos.


The aim of this school is to enable all children to fully develop their abilities in all areas in a caring, friendly and secure environment and to encourage the children to develop Christian attitudes to each other and to society.


We are committed to social inclusion which means a desire to promote gender equality, race equality and equality of opportunity, irrespective of ability and we ensure all families have a sense of belonging to our school community.


We seek to provide all our children with a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum matched to their individual needs.  All teachers teach the subjects English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Technology, History, Geography, Physical Education, Music, Art and Religious Education in accordance with the National Curriculum requirements, the Catholic Church and ourselves. Children in Early Years Foundation Stage are taught in all core and specific areas of the EYFS  curriculum. All children are taught  Spanish conversation.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary School is committed to meeting the requirements of the primary curriculum.We have updated our schemes of work to reflect the content and challenge of the curriculum, which is taught with the consideration of the needs of all learners. Our curriculum is exciting and inspires children to nurture a passion for learning. Almost all of our children follow a curriculum tailored to enable them to achieve the key performance indicators for their age, working towards performance descriptors for the key stage. (Please visit the Mathematics and English pages of this website to see the DRAFT performance descriptors; the final agreed version is expected to be published before the end of 2015.) When it is more appropriate, children may follow they key objectives related to other year groups; teachers tailor their planning to address individuals’ needs. Our most able children enhance their core skills by applying them in a range of challenging contexts.

For further information about the National Primary Curriculum please visit Primary National Curriculum

Assessment and monitoring tools are in place to make sure our children experience outstanding learning and make excellent progress.

Sometimes the subjects are taught separately and sometimes as part of a topic or theme.  During the course of the year, children will cover the full range of subjects, though at different stages of the year there may be a different emphasis (and therefore time) allocated to each curriculum area. Lessons are taught by class teachers, supported by teaching assistants. The school places an importance on PE, Music and Spanish and these areas are taught by specialist teachers. Children may also choose to learn to play the guitar or the flute.


Children also have the opportunity to receive Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education throughout the year.  The National Curriculum (and accompanying assessment) as delivered in this school is a legal requirement and ordinarily, no pupil may be excused from any lesson. 


Children are sometimes taught as a whole class and sometimes in small groups.  These groups may be based on ability.



Relationships Education


Our policy is to teach Relationships and Sex Education as an integral part of our PSHCE programme. Our teaching programme is also linked to our RE and Science programmes.  Sometimes the school nurse is asked to help teach parts of the programme with the class teacher. Parents have the right to withdraw children from Relationships and Sex Education, apart from those aspects which are part of the National Curriculum Science requirements.


RE and Collective Worship


As a Roman Catholic School, we use the “Come and See” syllabus.  School acts of worship are sometimes led by classes and parents are invited to join us for our liturgy every Friday morning.  School Masses are held regularly. When the children are in Year 3 they are prepared for their First Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Reconciliation by Parish Catechists alongside work completed in school.

Parents have the right to withdraw children from religious worship and education.  However, parents are also reminded that the school exists to give a Catholic education to its pupils, and therefore, they are expected to be in sympathy with its aims and objectives.




We follow a PE programme which includes gymnastics, game skills, dance, swimming and athletics.  We also teach the children to play rounders, football, tag rugby, kwik cricket and netball, amongst others. We enter teams into local events and competitions and we also welcome support from the PE Department of St Robert’s School and Sixth Form, We provide a range of after-school sports activities for pupils.



If parents have any queries, or require further information about the school’s

curriculum, they should not hesitate to discuss this with the Head Teacher.  Further information on statutory curriculum requirements can be found at




Copies of our curriculum policies and guidelines are available for inspection at school, along with our published OFSTED and Diocesan Section 48 reports.





Our Classes

Our classes are established as follows:




Goldsworthy                  Nursery and Year R                    Mrs Brown                     Mrs Pike

                                                                                    Mrs Duncan                   Mrs Smith

                                                                                    Mrs Young

                                                                                    Mrs Cresswell


Mondrian                       Year 1 and Year 2                      Miss Robson                   Miss Christie


Rousseau                      Year 1 and Year 2                      Mrs Lamond                   Mrs Edwards


Constable                      Year 1 and Year 2                      Mrs Fraser                     Mrs Kennedy


Kandinsky                     Year 3                                       Mrs Fish                         Mrs Merrington


Picasso                          Year 4                                       Mrs Swales                    Mrs Moore


Dali                               Year 5                                       Miss Caldwell                 Mrs Richardson


Potter                            Year 6                                       Miss Askew                    Mrs Scott

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