Valuing All Our Pupils



In Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary School our core principles that underpin our relationships, values, curriculum and all teaching and learning are driven by our mission statement:


In our school we believe that each person is unique and created to flourish in God’s image.

We aspire to excellence through a nurturing environment in which every child takes Jesus Christ as their model and develops their individual gifts so that they live fully and serve others.



In proclaiming that we recognise that everyone is unique, created to flourish and must be enabled to live fully, we are stating that no members of our community must n experience stereotyping, bullying, (including homophobic or transphobic bullying,) racism, sexism or any other form of oppression as a result who they are, how they were created or the circumstances in which they live. Such actions, motivated by unacceptable perceptions, are all forms of bullying and as such are factors that can inhibit a pupil’s ability to feel safe and have a sure foundation for learning. We believe we have a particular duty to implement measures to combat it. We welcome all members of our diverse community and respect their individuality.


Staff receive training to help them in dealing with bullying issues, supporting the victims of bullying behaviour and in challenging and supporting those who display it. When appropriate, staff also receive training to offer pastoral support in the context of sexual identity.


Through our pastoral programme, Religious Education programme, Personal, Social and Health Education lessons and through our broad and balanced curriculum, we explore themes and values that challenge bullying behaviour as well as strategies to protect yourself. We reinforce the message that accusations of bullying will be taken seriously and dealt with accordingly.


The head teacher reports all accusations of bullying to the Governing Body and there is a nominated Safeguarding Governor who monitors the effectiveness of the Good Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policies. (These can be viewed in the “Policies” section of the website.)