Welcome to Kandinsky class! Our class teacher is Mrs Fish and we are supported by two teaching assistants. Mrs Richardson supports us on a Monday and Mrs Moore on a Wednesday. We love learning, expanding our inquisitive nature and evaluating our own skills whilst growing in confidence and becoming independent learners. Reading is one of our favourite subjects and this is our reading area in class. We can choose a book and read it during free time or when we have completed all activities. We love fiction and non fiction books and enjoy them in different ways. Fiction books are imaginative, exciting and thrilling. They take us far away from reality into an imaginative world. Non fiction books provide us with further learning opportunities for lessons such as science, history and geography and help us find answers to our inquisitive questions. We also love reading the Bible and are familiar with many Bible stories. Children should continue to bring their books into school and class every day, even if they are not complete. Reading books can be changed everyday, as long as the book has been signed from home. Homework is given on a Friday to be returned by Monday. This will mainly be online via Spag.com, My Maths or Times Table Rock Stars. Spellings are given our on a Monday for a test the following Friday. Children are given the opportunity to practice their spellings in class during guided reading sessions although they will still need to learn them at home. PE is on a Tuesday and Friday. In Kandinsky class, we go swimming on a Tuesday from September until Christmas.


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