Welcome to Mondrian class! Our teacher is Mrs Cresswell and throughout the week we have some support from Miss Christie and Miss Harris. We all aim to flourish in God’s image and work our socks off to be the best we can! Kindness is at the centre of all that we do and we are always keen to help our friends and teachers. In our class, we love learning, playing, growing and developing together. If we find things difficult, we always keep going and we stay positive. Classdojo, house points and stickers are our favourite rewards for great attitude and work.

Reading is key to everything we do and we love nothing better than spending time in our reading area getting lost in a book. We love both fiction and non-fiction texts and enjoying making predictions, talking about characters and the plot of a story, as well as recognising the features of non-fiction texts. We take pride in every piece of written work and are keen to share with our class. God’s wonderful world is ours to explore and we combine lots of our geography and history skills into our topic lessons each week. We are fabulous scientists too and love to work collaboratively to plan, conduct and evaluate an investigation. As part of our maths, we play games and sing songs to help us to remember our number facts – this helps us to be efficient mathematicians. If we find maths challenging, we can always take little steps to help us make progress. We start by using practical equipment, then pictures to represent numbers and finally move onto abstract numbers. Representing problems in different formats helps to deepen our understanding of numbers and their relationships – bar models, whole-part models, place value charts, arrays, bead strings etc.

Important days to remember each week are:

Monday – PE day and homework and reading books returned to school.

Wednesday – PE day.

Friday – reading books and homework sent home and Star of the Week is announced.

We hope this introduction to our amazing class is helpful and that you will come back soon to see our latest news.


Welcome to Year 2! Our Class Teacher is called Mrs Price and our Teaching Assistant is called Mrs Ford. Here in Year 2 we love learning, creating, playing and growing together. Here are some examples of the wonderful things we learn and do in class…

In Year 2, we spread kindness like confetti. We understand the importance of being kind to one another and try every day to show kindness to our friends and family.

We always try to have a growth mindset in every lesson that we do. We understand how to turn a fixed mindset into a growth mindset. We enjoy challenges, learn from our mistakes and know when to ask for help. We also recognise the importance of celebrating when our friends do well.

In our class we have lots of lovely books to read and our favourite time of the day is story time! We have a wonderful range of fiction and non-fiction books to choose from.

In Year 2, we always try to make sure we try our best and that our work is beautifully presented. Each week we frame a piece of work to go on the Proud Cloud.

In our geography lessons we have been learning about the four countries of the United Kingdom. We have particularly enjoyed learning about our capital city, London!

Come back soon to find out what else we have been learning about this year…


Meet Year 1

Hi, and welcome to Year 1! Our teacher is Miss Rossiter, who works with us every day. On a Monday Tuesday and Wednesday we are super lucky as we also have Mrs Allon who helps us learn new things. In year 1, we love learning, playing, growing and developing together– here are some examples of the sorts of things we learn and do in our class

In our RE lessons we have been talking about our families and how all families are different. We are all very grateful for all our families do for us and we always try our bests to make our families extremely proud!

We love to read, and this is our reading area in class. We each choose a book at the start of the week and read it whenever we get the chance in class. We love searching for tricky words and challenging our partners. At the end of the day we love to listen to Miss Rossiter read to us, sometimes we giggle so hard our bellies hurt!

In our science and English lessons, we have been learning about plants and have enjoyed reading the tiny seed. We have really enjoyed exploring how the world around us changes as seasons pass.

In Year 1 we always try to have a growth mindset in everything we do. We know we can always turn to our alien friends for some words of advice, they always remind us we can do anything!

In year 1 we love learning new phonics sounds, we even have some little rhymes that help us remember them. We know lots of sounds, if you are ready to be amazed ask us to sound out a word.

Now we must d-a-sh back to learning! Come back soon to find out what other exciting things we have been up to



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