Hello, welcome to Picasso class!
Our class teacher is Miss Al-Saffar and we are supported by Mrs Richardson on a Tuesday and Mrs Merrington on a Thursday. We love having fun, laughing, being creative and flourishing as we learn in year 3 and 4.

We all love to read and our reading corner has a very important class member – Softy! Whenever you are star of the week or Miss Al-Saffar is really impressed with your work, you can get cosy and read with Softy in the reading corner. We can choose a book from the free choice shelves and read it when we get a chance in class. We also have regular trips every Friday to the library where we can choose a book and take it home. We love our fiction books but we love our non-fiction books just as much! They provide us with the extra learning towards wider curriculum lessons such as science, history and geography! Reading books can be changed everyday, as long as the book is signed from home. We should continue to bring reading books in everyday, even if they are not finished. Homework is given out on a Friday and returned by Monday, which will mainly be online via Spag.com, My Maths or Times Table Rock Stars. Spellings are given out on a Monday for a test the following Friday. We are given the opportunity to practise spellings in class during guided reading and in handwriting sessions. PE is on a Tuesday and Friday.


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