Welcome to Rousseau class! Our teacher is Miss Hill and throughout the week we also work with Mrs Edwards. We all aim to flourish in God’s image and work our socks off to be the best we can! Kindness is at the centre of all that we do and we are always keen to help our friends and teachers. In our class, we love learning, playing, growing and developing together. If we find things difficult, we always keep going and we stay positive. House points and stickers are our favourite rewards for having a great attitude to learning and working hard.

Reading is key to everything we do and we love nothing better than spending time in our reading area getting lost in a book. We love both fiction and non-fiction texts and enjoying making predictions, talking about characters and the plot of a story, as well as recognising the features of non-fiction texts. We take pride in every piece of written work and are always keen to share it with our class. God’s wonderful world is ours to explore and we combine lots of our geography and history skills into our topic lessons each week. We are fabulous scientists too and love to work collaboratively to plan, conduct and evaluate an investigation. As part of our maths, we play games and sing songs to help us to remember our number facts – this helps us to be efficient mathematicians. If we find maths challenging, we can always take little steps to help us make progress. We start by using practical equipment, then pictures to represent numbers and finally move onto abstract numbers. We are great at representing problems in different formats helps to deepen our understanding of numbers and their relationships, for example by using bar models, whole-part models, place value charts, arrays, and bead strings.

Important days to remember each week are:

Monday – PE day and homework and reading books returned to school.

Wednesday – PE day.

Friday – reading books and homework sent home and Star of the Week is announced.

We hope this introduction to our remarkable Rousseau class is helpful and that you will come back soon to see our latest news.


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